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Team Maverick 

How to change your home workspace to fuel your creative thinking

Working from home has become the new normal. Gone are the days of waking up super early every day and taking the train to go into work. Most people have mixed feelings about it - we personally love it! We bet you work from home a couple of times a week or at least do some work at home, right? Now our question to you is - are you happy with your home workspace? If the answer is yes, please take this air high five from us because, go you!! If not though, we have a couple of tips for you that will hopefully improve not only your workspace, but how you feel about it too:

Clear your desk.

We mean it!! The biggest thing you can do to make your workspace more comfortable is to clear it of anything you don’t really need to have there. Not only will it look neater, it’ll definitely make you feel lighter. As they say, “clean space, clear mind”...

Get some ergonomic furniture.

We know it can be a bit of a splurge, but investing in a chair that helps support your body is really going to be worth it, especially if you are spending hours at your desk. We recommend getting a simple gaming chair, which are originally designed for professional gamers, who spend the majority of their day (and night!) sitting.

Position your desk to get as much natural light as possible.

If there’s a spot in your room where the sun catches for a couple of hours, move your desk there! Natural light is said to improve focus, enable you to get more things done and is even a contributor to an improvement in psychological well-being. And doesn’t the sun just make you feel happier?

Get some plants.

Biology 101 - Plants take in the carbon dioxide (that you breathe out) from a room and produce oxygen instead. This is going to increase the amount of air in your room and help you breathe easier and feel better. Also, plants are cute. They look nice and really elevate the way a space looks - your mood will definitely go up looking at your little green haven. If you ask us, we love the ZZ plant - it’s a beautiful deep green and super easy to take care of.

Add some colour.

Believe it or not, colour actually has a psychological effect on us. Adding decor of certain colours is likely to enhance your workspace. Yellow is a warm and uplifting colour that in small amounts increases creative thinking. Cool colours like green and blue evoke a sense of happiness. Green is also a healing colour - the colour of nature and balance. Lighter shades of green can make you feel light and add a fresh feeling to the room so do make sure to add some greenery. The colour blue evokes calm and peaceful feelings. If you’re feeling stressed out or feel mentally cluttered, try adding something blue to your desk. Purple, the colour of royalty, enhances one’s creativity and sense of beauty. Hang up a purple painting visible from your workspace and you’ll find yourself creating a masterpiece!

Cleaning up your workspace and adding just a few things around your room will definitely elevate your mood, which will hopefully translate to your work - you’ll even see a boost in your productivity. Grab a purple candle and pick up a lovely ZZ plant from your local garden centre and let us know how it goes!

How to change your home workspace to fuel your creative thinking Major Takeaways:

  • Plants that are easy to take care of

  • Clear your desk!! Make sure you have enough space for your arms

  • Humidifier, you can add scented oil if you want that

  • Calming music or music you like on low volume

  • Position your desk so that you get as much natural light as possible

  • Ergonomic furniture chair and mousepads

  • Colours or materials like wood or natural

  • Open your window for some fresh air

  • Fluff up your chair with a comfy cushion

  • Add visually stimulating colours, decor (research this)

  • Mood lamps


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