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Team Maverick 

Discover Your Brand in a Saturated Market

The word ‘brand’ has become a buzzword in the marketing world. A brand is what separates YOU in what can feel like an over-saturated industry. Branding is not just about having a logo or slogan, it is about building an identity for your company. It's about developing an emotional connection with your audience and making them believe in your music. A brand is one of the most valuable assets but we've all been there fellow Maverick's, how do you find your unicorn-ness? Well here are a few tips we picked up on along the way to help out a little.

1.) Write down your own story

What have been your greatest struggles and hurdles (You know that thing people used to make fun of you in school for, chances are that's your superpower) Whatever this is for YOU is going to engage with your audience because guess what? People just want to relate to each other.

2.) Pinterest is your best friend!

I repeat Pinterest is all the things! Search it, Compile it, Pin it, your creative interests, fashion inspirations and textures (TRUST US! It's a life and time saver)

3.) Culture in music is an under-utilised tool

If you know your heritage you can incorporate this into your messaging. Fuse your own flavour with the content. We are moving closer to a time in which difference is accepted and celebrated more than following the trend.

4.) Knowing your stats is a GAME CHANGER

Socials are basically everything right now! So if you know your audience demographic, key followers and targeted listeners, you can utilise that information and use it to fashion your content, music and all round brand. Ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • How many sales does your music make in a month or in its first month?

  • How many followers have you gained on social media in a month?

  • Who are your target demographic age, country and community?

  • Who do you want to engage with and who are your potential consumers?

5.) Most importantly stay persistent and keep going!

The journey is hard but there is no doubt in our minds that THIS is YOUR time!!!


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