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Creative Horoscope

Even though most of us are in our tracks right now, drinking red wine and binge watching The Office for the 27th time. BOSS mode is still in session so find out what your creative horoscope is, paired with your mantra track. Right now "Lazy Song - Bruno Mars" is speaking to all of us! But there is always a moment to channel our inner "Flawless"


Soundtrack for this Year: "Born This Way - Lady Gaga"

This month Aries, you're ready for BIG IDEAS! There's room for lots more collaboration and you'll find yourself working with a team. Overthinking may have caused you to put off some projects but this month you will be dusting the sparkle of those old ideas and getting to work on them. You are going to find it much easier to communicate your vision to others, expressing yourself freely. Be careful not to push too hard though, take time to rest and re-cooperate when you need it!


Soundtrack for this Year:"Set Fire to the Rain - Adele"

You may have been feeling things are moving a little slower than you expected at the start of 2022 but rest assured that this month all your ambitious endeavors will find a way to soar. You will find yourself breaking down your aspirations into attainable short-term goals. Creativity and inspiration are set alight for this month, as success on your career path becomes imminent. You are in a great position to make decisive choices however be on the lookout to collaborate with people who have a different outlook to you and step outside of your comfort zone.


Soundtrack for this Year:"Confident - Kendrick Lamar"

You might find yourself changing your mind on a few things last month, make sure to take a moment and reflect on your next steps because this month is going to be filled with new inventive energy. You can put these new ideas into practice, which may create new opportunities for recognition and abundance. Gemini you can create something better than what already exists, push your limits, and know that you don’t need anyone else's validation to tell you how incredible you are. Sometimes greatness takes time to understand. You were made to blaze trails.


Soundtrack for this Year: "God is a Woman - Ariana Grande"

This is the month for reflection, ponder on What you love? What do you want next? What tools do you have at your disposal to get there? Take time to nurture your bonds and share your abundance. Surrounding yourself with innovative thinkers might add a little magic to your creative pursuits. Get out of your comfort zone Cancer and get back into networking. Make sure you tap into your emotional space and use your creativity as an outlet. When you do this the results will be sparkling. Make sure to give yourself time to re-charge (you cannot give from an empty cup) prioritize yourself first and then give back to others.


Soundtrack for this Year: "LOVE - JLO"

This month you will find the spark for a new creative project for you, even though it can be hard to stick to one idea for a long time (adventurous daredevil that you are). Invest in something that has a deep personal meaning to you. This will make it easier for you to stick with it, as well as make the results that much sweeter and more meaningful. Doing your projects outside will help you keep connected to your carefree energy and escape from any confined spaces that might limit your creativity. Be spontaneous with your art to avoid overthinking, do what feels right, do what gives you purpose, let your art be the representation of your insatiable creativity.


Soundtrack for this Year:"Flawless - Beyonce"

You may have been feeling a creative block recently but that changes THIS month, using your vision and creative instincts can help provide you and others with an escape from their crazy life. Get ready to innovate and run your music like it’s a business, you are your own best commodity. Tying your purpose to your creativity will make you unstoppable. Your creative pursuits are a value to your time and will serve as inspiration to your community.


Soundtrack for this Year: "Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars"

Get ready to have some fun! Your usual disciplined nature gives you permission to indulge. Work hard, party harder is going to give your brain space to think up some incredible ideas. People may underestimate your creativity (haters gonna hate) but you will always let your results be your noise. Not only will you create something of beauty but you will strive for your dreams until you cultivate the life you most desire. Organize your career, channel your insights into your creativity, and have all the fun along the way!


Soundtrack for this Year: "Runnin - SZA"

You're building momentum Scorpio. Your strong sense of self has served you in all facets of your life and your creative space is no different. You cannot stand people telling you that you are incapable of doing something, this will fuel you to accomplish new heights of success in your career. Stay strong, determined, focused and no one will be able to take away your success because when you build something from the ground up, you have already laid down the foundation upon which you can rebuild again and again. No one can take that away from you! Be careful not to get overwhelmed with your emotions, creating can be a stressful task so make sure you prioritize your mental well-being first!


Soundtrack for this Year: "Shake It Off - Taylor Swift"

You are in a major transition period Sagittarius, this month you thrive in absorbing the creativity around you, books, movies, music, art, travel, you find inspiration everywhere channeling this energy into your own creativity. This month you will engage in interesting conversations and create connections that will definitely benefit you in the long run. The beauty of absorbing inspiration is that you get to share your viewpoint through your music. Consume and Create, Absorb and Inspire.


Soundtrack for this Year: "All Of You - John Legend"

It may have felt like last month things were delayed but this month will bring you grounding energy for you to cultivate both emotionally and creatively. Break free from the rules! This requires you to go against your nature but the results will be worth it. Use your natural-born leadership skills to steer your creative vision. You are great at putting forth information in a way that other people understand, use this skill in your music. Be wary to not feel too restricted by your own standards, let go of your preconceived ideas and simply thrive in your results. Do not let other people overshadow you (Don’t dim your light to let others shine) You don’t need to stand close to a flame to sparkle, honey you are the flame!


Soundtrack for this Year: "Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles"

You are moving in a straightforward motion Aquarius and there is NO stopping YOU! Your big ideas will be set in motion as a one-of-a-kind idea is on the horizon, you just need to find a plan. Why do you want to create this particular project? Once you have the answer to this, motivating yourself to carry it out will be easy. Use your natural creative gifts to change the landscape of the creative industry. Your originality is your strength! It may be difficult to figure out the practicalities, so give yourself a day to sit down and plan out your project step by step. Be careful not to get too bogged down by this and dissuade yourself from carrying it out.


Soundtrack for this Year: "Good 4 U - Olivia Rodrigo"

New adventures are going to meet you this month Pisces! You are a natural-born creative. Your intuition and emotional scope enable you to create with ease, as a result, your work will relate to anyone because you are able to tap into different people's experiences and recreate that through your creativity. Make sure to pace yourself and avoid overthinking your process, you are best when you are naturally feeling it through (easier said than done) but make sure you take a minute to breathe. Just BE as you are, create as you are, and know that, that is enough.


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