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Team Maverick 

5 Content Ideas for Artists

Creating content is a great way to express yourself, your ideas, and your values through social media. There are so many avenues you can take and so much you can do so we get that it can be pretty overwhelming at times. We’ve created a guide that will help you get started on creating content, and what that means for you.

1. Personalising your content

What we’ve learned is that the more you that you are, the more you can connect with your audience. Personalising your content is a secure and honest way to earn your audience’s trust and be able to share your thoughts and feelings, free from judgment. So, what does personalizing your content look like? Just being you, really. Be truthful and honest and share your wackiest and weirdest dreams with your internet friends. When you post something, make sure there’s a meaning behind it that you’d want to share with everyone. It can be about family, friends, your journey, an experience, etc. Honestly, there’s no limit. This is also part of understanding your brand. There are lots of aspects under the larger umbrella of ‘your brand’ but the main thing is to stick to you.

2. Showcasing your work

It’s really important to showcase your work. That sounds so cliche, we know, but it’s true. Every accomplishment, shoot, deal, etc should be shared with the world. People love seeing those they support, excelling (and we love it too!). Your online persona is also your portfolio. A combination of a ‘regular person’ and a ‘passionate artist’. We think that when you show people that you’re celebrating yourself because you deserve it, the positivity is contagious. And let’s now lie, it feels good to be proud of the work that you do so we say, flaunt it!

3. Book that photoshoot/studio time

You can create amazing content on your own, it’s true. But sometimes, if you lack inspiration or just aren’t in the headspace, then it’s OK to get outside help. You can feed off others’ energy and sometimes it feels better that you’re not the one solely in charge. Sure, the content you’re shooting is for you, but when there’s less pressure you can work more naturally.

4. Homelife

Now, this one we love. We could spend hours on TikTok and Instagram watching people's daily routines, organizing, cleaning, you name it. It’s a guilty pleasure although we don’t think there should be any guilt involved! Even if you think that there’s not much you can do or find interesting about your routine, don’t underestimate how other people might feel. It’s content that you can film more easily, and it also allows you to multitask because you’re *actually* getting stuff done while you film/create which means you’re being twice as productive. And who doesn’t love a bit of productivity? You can show off your coffee, how you make your bed, feed your pet, write in your journal, wash your dishes, reply to emails - literally anything that you do day to day. Go for it! Your audience will feel that much closer to you.

5. The trends

So, we know how some people feel about following the trends. However, we think it's a fun way to get involved in the larger community creators and just have some good, old-fashioned time off. What do we mean by time off, you ask? Well, what a wonderful question! As we mentioned earlier, it’s not possible to be constantly creating and not burn out. It’s normal, you’re human. This is the exact reason we love trends. You can still record or participate in the trend, without having to do too much heavy lifting. And the best part? You get to choose what trends you participate in, so you’re always staying true to yourself! A win-win, we think. Keep your eyes open for trends you’d like to hop on, and then get going!


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