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Team Maverick 

India's Female MC's

The Indian rap scene has been dominated by men for a long time now but now more than ever the cultural scape in India is shifting. Over the years there have been many more female rappers emerging from the underground scene to take up this mantle. Let's drop a few names, shall we!

Deane Sequeira

A mega talent who has been in the industry for years and has numerous achievements in her music career. Making a splash on the Bollywood scene landing gigs such as ABCD: Anybody Can Dance, Student of the Year 2, and Street Dancer. Her upcoming projects are bound to be as FIRE as this lyricist's work.

Mehak Ashraf

Kashmir’s first female rapper (Say What!?) is breaking boundaries as she forges her way to the Conservative Society of Asian culture and has taken another groundbreaking step in starting a record label called AHM dexterity. A mogul in the making

Dee Mc

One of India’s most notable hip-hop rappers, as she continually builds a badass fanbase (Raises hand emphatically). Strongly advocating female empowerment, she embodies the power and possibility for the Indian female rapper.

A big round of applause to all these Queens continually striving not to conform to cultural standards and use music as a way to present their own identities, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Check out this video from Quint highlighting some of these talented women:


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