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Team Maverick 

3 Ways to Market Like a K-Pop Star

Badass Branding + Money Marketing + Hit Making = K-POP

From the trending costumes to opulent sets, K-pop music videos are giving us LIFE! Everything is in the service of a greater creative vision and for that...We applaud. Every video has a storytelling ability that is uniquely creative. The electric eccentricity is what captures fans and keeps us entertained (having labels take our money and say "You're Welcome") well damn it we'd do it all over again, if it means getting to watch BTS serenade us with their perfect Pantene hair and impeccable choreography.

Make it FASH-UNN

K- Pop stars are known for bringing their fashion game to the table and never shy away from re-interpreting current trends, not that I could ever pull off plastic heels but when CL does it...It is everything! Being a fashion icon creates a brand, making it more appealing for consumers to buy into them and their music.


They sing and dance because they are simply perfect specimens of human nature, performing complex routines that can rival even that of 90's Usher. Adding an element of that much sought after "WOW factor" You can use this in your own way! Use something you love and integrate it into your messaging (i.e. Annemarie uses karate, Little Mix had their own Come Dine With Me moment) you get the gist

Know the Market

K-pop artists tend to mix other cultures into their songs, mainly English lyrics with Korean. Small details like this blow open an entire market of people, that can relate to that one line AKA "Blackpink" in your area" my area is London and I am officially sold. If you're from another country, use this to your advantage, incorporate the language of your country into the music.

Major Take Away's

  • Embrace your Fashion Game (stay true to whatever that means for YOU!) The world is your runway and you are your own Beyonce

  • Don't shy away from your other talents, you don't have to hit it like Lady Gaga. All you need is something that contributes to your awesomeness because "Baby you were Born this Way" What is your credit of badassery?

  • Incorporate your language into your music, everyone is from somewhere, the beauty is finding those roots and turning them into art

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